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Both Will Evert and Jason Brownlee spent much of the last 15 years directly involved in home construction and developing a design/build wooden boat company. Primarily honing their skills through hands-on involvement in virtually all aspects of the building process. The duo found common ground in their individual beliefs that current construction approaches, even within the green-building segment, did not fully embrace and utilize the opportunities available to create homes with minimal carbon footprints.

As a result, they have developed a business centered around sustainable, well built construction. With particular emphasis on geothermal energy solutions. It was their ongoing interest in geothermal approaches that led them to qualify for certifications from IGSHPA, an accredited international geothermal certification program. Their guiding concept became incorporating geothermal into a specialized building envelope, while not sacrificing aesthetics or comfort. Our team of carpenters are highly experienced and take pride in applying value engineering for every project no matter the complexity or scale.

French Broad Boatworks is our sister company, in which we design and build river Dories and Skiffs. Boat building and woodworking became a passion for us several years ago and we have managed to create a subsidiary business out of this obsession for creative carpentry. Please feel free to view our website at:


How We Work

As a firm, we approach every project with a personal hands-on commitment. We work closely with each client, first to understand individual needs and desires, and then to develop a plan that satisfies all objectives. Our experience has enabled us to develop a detailed estimating program that provides the client with a program to follow throughout the project. This creates an atmosphere of mutual trust and openness that contributes to the overall success of a project. We also maintain strong working relationships with proven professionals, such as architects and engineers, craftsmen, and vendors to ensure the finest results and competitive pricing. This type of team concept fosters a system of checks and balances, along with invaluable creative input.

Contact: info@evertandbrownlee.com

Jason Brownlee

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Will Evert

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